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K Fellfarers welcomes walkers, climbers, mountaineers, and anyone who loves the outdoors.
All standards are welcome .

Coming Up - see Social Calendar for more details
Apl 27 - Wed - Midweek walk - From Hardendale.
Apl 29 - May 2 - High House reserved for Fellfarers. May Day

May 3 - Tues - Evening walk, location tbc
May 25 - Wed - mid-week walk, location tbc
May 27 - June 5 - High House reserved for Fellfarers - Spring bank holiday
May 27 - June 3 - Camping meet at Wooler
June 14 - Tue - Evening walk from Woodwell in Silverdale


We have a few copies of our 75th commemorative book available. See here for details
Click on the image for the first copy of the occasional Newsletter
See Helen for access

News in brief -
April -
- We have been given a biography of Frank Smythe, the Himalayan climber on the 1933 Everest expedition. More
- The newsletter for April is now on-line. More
March -
- 34 members and guests enjoyed their 5 nights at Oban. More
- Congratulations to Mick on completing the Birketts. More
- See the latest BMC Summit magazine page 68 for a reference to "K Fellfarers High House and its smug [snug?] spot right at the head of Borrowdale in Seathwaite".
- The Euro camping meet this year will be in Ax-les-Thermes with the core week June 22-29. More
- Negotiations with the NT over the new High House lease are still ongoing with trustee indemnity still the stumbling block

February -
- Welcome to Peter Blamire who has joined the committee.